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Design Keys Philosophy

Our design team is inspired by the world around them – gathering ideas from their everyday life, journeys around the world, customer wishes, and their cherished feedback. Fascinated by the never depleting source of cultural and natural varieties, they aim to compose new universes each season, through unique combinations of colours, materials, patterns and shapes. Whilst respecting, the company’s underlying basis of doing everything with head, heart and humour.

Short Bio

A.U Maison is an international design company, based just outside Aarhus, Denmark, and originates back to 1998. We want to add value to your home, and thus focus on every detail throughout the developing process, without forgetting about usability and elegance.

All styles are designed in Denmark, and all printing and coating are made within the EU. We take immense pride in having an in-house production with experienced sewing ladies, who’s eye for perfection ensures that A.U Maison products are manufactured with care and follow lofty standards.

By having our own Danish production, we ensure flexibility, shorter lead-times, a further range of customised products, and a knowledge that results in good quality, both in raw materials and processing.

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