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Danish Production

Our in-house production is what makes us different from the rest

When it comes to production - quality and flexibility are our guiding principles. Therefore, we take great pride in having our own in-house production with experienced sewing ladies. Their eye for perfection ensures that all AU Maison products follow lofty standards and are manufactured with care and precision.

Through our production, we have gathered a deep knowledge and experience resulting in high quality in both raw materials as well as processing.

But our Danish production not only ensures quality products. It benefits our customers with shorter lead-times, and the unique opportunity to customise products as well as create assortments according to special needs and wishes.

Above quality and wide range of possibilities you will experience a close and personal contact. Because, we believe that only the best is good enough for our customers!

Our philosophy

We're suckers for beauty.
'Cause life’s too short for ugliness.

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