Our story

We're suckers for beauty.
'Cause life's too short for ugliness.

Our story

Inspiring joyful living:
Beauty, Elegance and Quality Since 1998

AU Maison is a Danish interior design company, operating internationally. We were established in 1998, just outside the 2017 European culture capital Aarhus, Denmark.

We believe that beauty has the ability to add value to your home and your life! We thus focus on aesthetics in every detail throughout our product development process, while keeping usability and elegance in mind.

Since the beginning, all our unique fabrics have been designed in Denmark, while all printing and coating takes place within the EU - ensuring high quality in our products.

Through our commitment to the design and production of lifestyle products, we strive to make beautiful design accessible to the largest audience possible. Simply because we’re suckers for beauty, and because we believe life is too short for ugliness.


Celebrating 20 Years of Beauty

2018 was an exciting year for AU Maison. Our 20-year anniversary marked an important milestone, and as we celebrated, we reflected on the incredible journey that started all those years ago. We would like to thank all of you! Customers, employees and business partners. Without you, this would not have been possible.

And so we embarked on a new, creative journey. The launch of a whole new visual representation of AU Maison, symbolised by the introduction of a new logo, visual identity and this revamped and reenergised website. Overall, a sharpening of our identity that mirrors our approach to design. That beauty has the ability to add value to your home as well as your life.


Danish Production

Our in-house production is what makes us different from the rest

When it comes to production - quality and flexibility are our guiding principles. Therefore, we take great pride in having our own in-house production with experienced sewing ladies. Their eye for perfection ensures that all AU Maison products follow lofty standards and are manufactured with care and precision.

Through our production, we have gathered a deep knowledge and experience resulting in high quality in both raw materials as well as processing.

But our Danish production not only ensures quality products. It benefits our customers with shorter lead-times, and the unique opportunity to customise products as well as create assortments according to special needs and wishes.

Above quality and wide range of possibilities you will experience a close and personal contact. Because, we believe that only the best is good enough for our customers!

Design philosophy

Design with head, heart and humour

Our nutty design team see possibilities everywhere. Their love for beauty and urge to make people smile, cause their creative mindsets to gather ideas everywhere they go.

Fascinated by the never depleting source of cultural and natural varieties, they aim to compose new universes each season, through combinations of colours, materials, patterns and shapes. All whilst respecting the company’s philosophy of doing everything with head, heart and humour.

This design approach is based on our belief that surrounding yourself with beauty has the ability to inspire more joyful living and trigger the beauty within all of us. Because we believe life is simply too short for ugliness!

Social responsibility

We take our social commitment seriously

We strive to use responsibly sourced raw materials throughout our entire cotton range. Our team designs in Denmark, while our printing and coating takes place within the EU.

The goal of our production is maintaining the highest quality through the domestic manufacturing of cotton and oilcloth products. Thus, all our cotton and oilcloth fabrics are produced according to Oeko-Tex 100 standards and do not contain any phthalates.

To ensure a soft drape and a hard-wearing oilcloth, our cotton is coated with a custom-made gloss.

We are suckers for beauty. Because we believe that life’s too short for ugliness. That’s why we are on a mission to inspire joyful living by bringing more beauty into as many homes as possible.

Camilla Dybdal Christensen

Founder & CEO, AU Maison