Pots & Vases

Our handmade vases and pots with your favorite flowers are an eye-catcher in your décor and contribute to a beautiful atmosphere in your home. You can dwell on the grace of the vases and pots and be delighted by one of life's simple pleasures.

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Pots and vases that draws the eye
Our large collection of pots and vases is designed to give your plants and flowers a sharp and rustic look or an elegant and soft feel. Textured designs bring a subtle hint of nature, while colorful glass draws the eye. Look for pieces with asymmetric shapes for a statement look, or pick from neutral ceramics to inject a touch of rustic Scandinavian into your interior.


Bring nature inside with pots and vases
Freshen up your surroundings and give your interior new life by becoming a little greener with our handmade vases and pots. Perfect when you want a little extra. When you want to spice up everyday gatherings and beautify fancy dinner parties.