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It is important for us to give you the absolute best service. Therefore, you are always welcome to contact us via email. We will respond to your questions as soon as possible.

You are also always welcome to contact us, if you have any comments or suggestions for our website.


The following terms and conditions for sales and delivery apply to all products ordered through AU Maison. We recommend you to carefully read these terms, as they are binding as soon as you have placed an order.

AU Maison (Head office) Norgesvej 13
DK-8450 Hammel Denmark

Phone: 45 87 62 20 10
Fax: 45 87 62 20 21
Email: sales@aumaison.dk
Web: www.aumaison.dk

Business Registration: Denmark
VAT no.: 49 65 92 10 (Export VAT no. 16512702)

1. Delivery

We deliver goods to all countries. All products are sent from our headquarter in Hammel, Denmark, where they are packed securely before shipping. The delivery time varies from country to country, and is also depending on busy periods and our peak seasons.

Delivery will be at the address mentioned in the order confirmation - Unfortunately, we are not able to change a delivery address, when the order has already been dispatched.

Unless otherwise agreed, all orders are booked at the delivery day’s actual prices.

Delivery terms can be subject to strikes, lockouts and other factors, which we cannot control (force majeure).  AU Maison cannot be held responsible for these factors. 

2. Communications

When you place an order, you agree that all communication (invoices, statements, reminders, order-confirmations) with AU Maison will be via email. If this is not possible you will be charged a handling fee per letter sent by post.

3. Order handling

For new customers the minimum order is £500/€750/SEK 5.000/NOK 5.000/DKK 5.000. For existing customers there is no minimum order. Orders below £200/€200/SEK 2.000/NOK 1.500/DKK 1.500 will be subject to a handling fee.

4. Confirmation

When your order has been placed, you will receive an email from us with an order confirmation. Please do check this order confirmation immediately and come back to us if you have any modifications, otherwise we take it for a final confirmation of your order. All orders placed with AU Maison will be considered as a binding contract after 48 hours having placed the order.

When the goods have been packed and shipped from our warehouse, you will receive an invoice by email. Please note that the invoice only relates to the goods listed. We are therefore not obliged to deliver any other potential products, which were part of your order, until we have sent a separate invoice on these.

See also section 11 regarding sold out items.

5. Shipping

Orders will primarily be shipped with GLS and the goods will be delivered EXW (Ex works). Look at each product for estimated delivery time.

Freight costs will be charged as a percentage of the total order amount. The percentage will be less the higher the total amount of the order is. Please contact out head office or one of our agents for further information on freight percentages.

Please note: Large and/or fragile products, such as furniture or alike require special handling during transportation, and therefore often have special freight costs. Ex. If the product(s) has to be sent on a pallet. 

To secure safe shipping to islands, additional freight cost is added depending on how large and/or fragile the product(s) is.   

Any missing or damaged goods must be notified to us within 24 hours of delivery.

6. Price and payment

The prices of our products are as they appear in our pricelist and online shop, excluding cases of obvious error. All prices are at the country’s currency, and do not include freight costs. Please also look at Section 14 regarding changes of, among others, prices.

All accounts are due for payment in full, according to the agreement between AU Maison and the buyer/customer. AU Maison accepts the following credit cards: Dankort, E-Dankort, Visa, Vsa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro. 

The credit card used must be the buyer’s. All card holders are subject to validation checks and authorization from the card issuer. If authentication fails, AU Maison takes no responsibility for any delay or delivery failure. Under normal circumstances, the order will be cancelled.

Fee on credit cards

Payments with credit cards will be charged a fee of 1,5 % of the transaction value if the card is issued in Denmark and 3,75 % if the card is issued outside of Denmark. The fee will be itemized on your receipt. Debit cards will not be charged a fee. Please contact your card issuer, if you are not sure whether your card is a credit or a debit card.

Payments with check is not accepted.
The goods remain AU Maison property until payment of goods and cargo has been received.

7. Security

It is very important for us that you feel safe, when you shop at AU Maison. Our payment system works in cooperation with Nets (former PBS). All payment data sent between the browser and AU Maison is encrypted. At the bottom of the browser, you can see if a website is encrypted. The encryption runs through a SSL server (Secure Socket Server). This means all information is sent via a secure connection, and that your account information is unreadable for outsiders.

8. Customs and VAT

Customs are not included in the price indicated at the check-out. Since the cost of customs varies from country to country, we cannot inform you on the potential customs cost. We therefore recommend you contact GLS to obtain information about customs regulations in your country.

Important message to all customers in EU-Countries:

Please remember to provide us with your VAT number at your first order. Otherwise 25% Danish VAT will be added to your invoice, or we will not be able to dispatch your order.

9. Tracking

All orders can be tracked with a tracking number mentioned in the email sent when dispatching your order. This way, you can always locate your order.

10. Undelivered goods

After 2 unsuccessful delivery attempts, the shipment will be returned to AU Maison. If the buyer is still interested in delivery, the buyer is charged with 149 DKK/149 NOK/175 SEK/£ 16/€ 20. This amount covers additional administration costs, shipping costs and other expenses which are a consequence of the undelivered goods.

11. Sold out items

Our online shop shows the complete AU Maison collection. If an item is out of stock, this will appear on the product display. In some cases, it is possible to reserve the item. If you choose to reserve the item, we will send an email as soon as the product is back in stock. However, this is merely extra service from us; therefore AU Maison cannot be held accountable for products sold over stock hold or discontinued products.

If a product in the online shop is shown as being in stock, and this is not the case, AU Maison cannot be held accountable. The product will be removed from your order and you will be notified.

12. Complaints

Our goal is to deliver goods in the best condition. However, should you unexpectedly receive a product with a defect, a lack of some kind, or should the goods not correspond to the submitted invoice; please fill out our complaint form. You will find the form under your log-in at www.aumaison.dk. Please enclose a photo of the product. IMPORTANT: we only treat claims send in via our webpage and which has a photo enclosed.

If the complaint is confirmed via email, AU Maison will carry the costs related to the delivery of substitute goods. Should the goods no longer be in stock, the amount paid will be credited within 30 days. If the goods have been returned because of a complaint and this claim is not confirmed by AU Maison by email, this means that the complaint cannot be confirmed. In this case the buyer carries the cost of the return shipment.

Please note: on receipt of any substitute goods, you may run the risk of being charged for duty. This is not an expense for AU Maison.

Any transport damaged must be noted on the drivers’ notes; otherwise it will be interpreted as the delivery having been received in good condition.

13. Information

The product information in our online shop and catalogue is described as accurately as possible. However, AU Maison cannot be held accountable for misprints and other technical inaccuracies, including variations in style and colour as the product’s colour depends on the settings on your PC. AU Maison cannot guarantee the colours in the online shop and catalogue accurately reflect the colours of the goods.

14. Changes

AU Maison reserves the right, without explanation or notice, to change prices and delivery terms. These changes will not affect orders, which we already accepted in an order confirmation by email.

15. Venue and Applicable Law

Any disputes between the buyer and AU Maison, including interpretation of AU Maison terms of trade are determined by the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen under Danish law with Danish as a valid language.

16. Copyright

Images, logo, text and other material on www.aumaison.dk may only be used in other contexts with permission from AU Maison, for example when you receive a personal login as a retailer or press member.


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